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Killer Whale is a very important crest and mythic being throughout the Pacific Northwest. In legend he is widely recognized as a clan ancestor, and is associated with power, dignity, prosperity and longevity. According to some myths, the first Killer Whale was previously a supernatural white wolf that entered the sea and transformed itself into a whale. These two beings are thus physical manifestation of the same spirit or essence.

It was believed a Killer Whale could capsize a canoe and carry its occupants underwater to its village, transforming the occupants themselves into Killer Whales. Thus a Whale near the shore was a human transformed and trying to communicate with his previous human family ashore.

Killer Whale is often depicted in the artwork and is a frequent motif of many print makers. The distinguishing features are clearly defined and usually consist of a round snub-nosed head, large mouth with many teeth, blowhole, dorsal fin, pectoral fin and a tail with symmetrical flukes. Killer Whales in a breaching posture are very popular as well as embedding faces and other animals in the body or dorsal fin of the creature.

Killer Whale (simple)

Killer Whale (complex)

Killer Whale Blue I (simple)

Killer Whale Blue II (simple)

Note: Print colors will be slightly different from what appears here as well as other details such as fine line thickness.