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The frog is a creature of great importance in the Pacific Northwest Coast art and culture. With its ability to live on both water and land this creature is revered for its adaptability and power to live in both the natural and supernatural realm. Frogs are considered the spirit messengers of Shamans.

Frog is known as the communicator between mother earth and man. He is considered the only child to mother earth. Frog is often used to represent the voice of the people. Being that this creature is very vocal, its songs are considered by some to contain great power and magic. In the artwork the frog is commonly shown touching tongues with other creatures in an exchange of knowledge and power.

Frog is also associated with copper and is a symbol of great wealth. Frog designs are used extensively as design elements in the artwork and are often shown emerging from other creature’s ear, mouth or hands. In the Gitxsan culture the frog is one of the important family crest figures. In Haida culture, the Frog is often shown on house posts because it is believed that this helps keep the house from falling over.

Frog (Green and Blue)

Frog (Traditional)

Note: Print colors will be slightly different from what appears here as well as other details such as fine line thickness.