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A symbol of power and prestige among the many nations of the world, the eagle is also an important symbol among the northwest coast people. The golden eagle lives primarily in the more mountainous regions while the bald eagle can be found along the coast.

Eagle is one of the most important beings in the art and mythology. It is revered for its intelligence and great power, as well as its extraordinary vision. With its ability to soar to extreme altitude the Eagle is regarded as the principle messenger of the creator, the sun.

Eagle down is a sacred symbol of peace and friendship and is frequently sprinkled before guests in welcome dances and other ceremonies. The eagle feathers are also used in a variety of ritual contexts, as well as adorning masks and head-dresses.

In the art, eagle is identified with a strongly curving (recurve) beak. Supernatural eagles often feature two curly protuberances atop the head.

Eagle Crest

Eagle under Sun

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