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Copper Pendants

For a while I have been intrigued with the ancient coppers created by artists in the past. Creating a full size copper was a bit prohibitve and costly so I designed a small copper pendant based off of numerous pictures of old coppers I have compiled. Refer to detailed drawing below for copper dimensions and proportions. The top half of the copper shield is slightly convex and the bottom half is divided from the top by a t-shaped embossment. On these particular coppers I decided to give the bottom sections a hammered finish, I think it gives the pendants a more finished look.

The convex shape was achieved with a ball peen hammer pounding on the reverse side while rotating the pendant carefully on the anvil. I created a small jewelry anvil by bolting a steel block to a new work bench I constructed for my jewelry work. The t-shape emboss was done by placing the copper sheet on the 90 degree edge of the anvil and giving it a few sharp blows to indent the copper and bend it out slightly. These pendants were cut out of the copper sheet with tin snips however in the future it might be easier to cut the profiles with a scroll saw or devise some sort of cookie cutter type punch.

As for getting that brilliant polish, nothing works quite like Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish. A little product I was introduced to while attending Basic Training (Army) at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.